Conceived in 1986, realized in late 2011, Interval is the project of Todd Sines and Charles Noel, had they not been swept up in explosion of Midwestern house and techno. After 25 years of releasing everything from drum & bass, IDM, acid house and minimal techno, Interval takes them back to their roots of DIY post-punk, EBM, industrial, noise & psych shoegaze, all rolled into one. Tracked using Sines’s collection of vintage pre-1984 tape machines, MCI & SoundWorkshop mixing consoles, AMS DMX 15-80S delay & RMX-16 reverbs, Marshall Time Modulators and a myriad of analogue synths & drum machines, Interval’s debut album, transmit, shows the team featuring Andries Boekelman on bass wearing their heart on their sleeve. Featuring all of the elements of post-punk, goth, industrial and shoegaze, but speaking an entirely unique language onto their own.


INTERVAL – transmit